Hi! I’m Judi Turner-Buzer, an AIPP accredited underwater portrait photographer.

Based in beautiful Brisbane, I specialise in underwater portrait photography experiences for those looking to capture their milestones in a fun and unique way.

There is nothing more amazing than combining the beauty of life with the elegance of water to capture that split second in time where motion becomes motionless, life meets art and time is suspended.

Why water?

Water has always captivated me. I love its soothing qualities, how it ebbs and flows and how the light interacts with it.

As a mum to a competitive swimmer and step-mum to two more water lovers, I also found much of my time was spent beside the pool watching the kids. This increased what was already a natural affinity with the water and it inspired me combine my love of water with my keen photographic eye to create unique and original portrait experiences. Hence, Splash Underwater Photos was born.

Splash Underwater Photos specialises in underwater portraiture for all ages and events. Our photography sessions are highly adaptable to cater for the young and young at heart, as well as families, couples, groups, weddings, maternity, athletes, models and, well, anyone really.

I am always up for a challenge and would love nothing more than to help your idea come to life and be captured for all eternity… No matter how crazy it may be.

A highly personalised experience with stunning results

I go above and beyond to provide a personalised and enjoyable experience for my clients as I understand that doing a portrait session can make people feel exposed and even anxious, let alone having to do it in water. So, I will spend the time to get to know you, your personality and your unique qualities as well as outlining the process in full so you are completely comfortable with the process.

My core philosophy with Splash Underwater Photos is to provide a fun and memorable experience so you walk away with not just a unique and highly personal portrait but fond memories of our time together and your time in the water.

So, are you ready to dip your toe in?

Get in touch and let’s talk about ideas to capture your special moment underwater.

I look forward to seeing you underwater.


Meet the Team

Judi Turner Buzer | Underwater Photographer Brisbane

Name: Judi Turner-Buzer
Qualifications: Accredited Professional Photographer with the AIPP, Ex-Swimmer and swimming mum
Time as a photographer: 8 years, 7 learning and specialising in underwater portraiture
Time working with Kids: 17 yrs – as a mum
Parent? Kids?: I have 1 daughter (the swimmer) who is now a learn to swim teacher, a step-daughter and a step-son
Favourite food: Pumpkin & Sweet Potato Soup, home made, esp on a cold winter night, or during summer, a bbq with a variety of salads
Fun Fact: My Grandfather always used to say that if you haven’t learned something new in a day, then you have wasted a day. Take a moment to learn something new!
Why I love being in the water: So many reasons! I feel free, relaxed and at home. I think I was a mermaid in a previous life!

When I have my camera with me, its close to heaven! I feel like its where I was always meant to be! I only wish I didn’t have asthma so I could learn to scuba dive easily 😊

Name: Relle Gill
Qualifications: Austswim teacher of swimming and water safety, Austswim Infant and preschool aquatics
Time being an instructor: 12 yrs
Time working with Kids: 20+ years
Parent? Kids?: 4 daughters, 1 son, 5 grandchildren with the 6th due to arrive in early 2019
Favourite food: Everything, but I do like desserts a lot 😊
Fun Fact: I go to the gym but I hate exercising, I love winter, I love to travel and go on holidays
Why she loves being in the water: Being in the water is not working, but having fun!

Name: Daniella (Dee) Fisher
Qualifications: Austswim teacher of swimming and water safety, Completing Infant and preschool aquatics
Time being an instructor: 6mths
Time working with Kids: 12yrs in early childhood education, 6mths swimming instructor
Parent? Kids?: No children of my own (yet)
Favourite food: Almost anything sweet!
Fun Fact: Love being crafty, sewing, crocheting, creating 😊
Why I love being in the water: Being from Nth Qld originally, I think I spent more time in the water then out of it during school holidays. After moving to Brisbane I began my career in childcare and discovered love of working with children. The safety and wellbeing of little lives has been a passion for as long as I can remember. Being a LTS teacher has finally giving me the chance to bring my passion and love of water together.

Name: Arlene Taylor
Qualifications: Austswim teacher of swimming and water safety, Previously an examiner for Royal Life Saving, and coach and swimming teacher with ASCTA
Time being an instructor: 27 yrs (Long time)
Time working with Kids: 28+ years
Parent? Kids?: Mum of 4, 1 girl & 3 boys
Favourite food: Anything nutritional and yummy
Fun Fact: Swimming is a skill for life, but you can’t breathe through your ears
Why I love being in the water: It feels relaxing, and I think I must have been a mermaid once upon a time.

Name: Nat Harle
Qualifications: Austswim teacher of swimming and water safety, Austswim Teacher of infant aquatics
Time being an instructor: 17 years
Time working with Kids: 17 yrs
Parent? Kids?: Mother of three beautiful children who keep me on my toes
Favourite food: Thai and seafood
Fun Fact: A doTERRA wellness advocate who loves to fire twirl in my spare time
Why I love being in the water: It’s my chance to empower young people